We love taking on projects like this: a detached property with tons of potential but which hadn’t been touched since the 1970s. The house was like a rabbit warren with a series of cramped dark rooms, not at all suitable for a young family.

Mr and Mrs Heaton wanted to take their home and completely transform it, with open plan living and extra bedrooms. They also felt that the house lacked kerb appeal, and that their back garden wasn’t living up to its potential. The couple were certainly right about that; they had an amazing stream running through the back of the property, but the garden itself was a whopping 4 metres below the internal floor level.

The whole effect was completely disjointed and no good at all for a family with small children. This called for a full renovation…


Garage conversion

Mr and Mrs Heaton had a garage to the side of their house that was just being used as a dumping ground, so our first move was to make better use of this space.  We drew up plans to convert this dead zone into a lively play room for the kids. Then an extension was added to the back of the play room, featuring a utility area, WC and a door leading onto the garden.

Kitchen-diner extension

The showpiece for this renovation has to be the beautiful apex roofed single storey extension at the back of the house. We utilised the small existing kitchen and dining room and added a large rear extension. This enabled us to create a spacious kitchen/living area which worked perfectly as the hub of the house.

Bi-fold Doors and Apex Glazing

By installing new bi-fold doors and apex glazing to the rear of the extension, we were able to give the family a fantastic view of their garden. To provide the family with easier access to the garden we also added a steel framed walkway with a modern glass balustrade. The glass balustrade was a fantastic way to provide unbroken views of the garden, extra safety for the children, and the modern look that Mr and Mrs Heaton love so much.

Walk in wardrobe and vaulted roof

The couple wanted a bedroom that was deserving of the name ‘master suite’ so we extended their room above the new downstairs play room. All this extra space allowed us to create a walk in wardrobe with a floor to ceiling window. This combined with a vaulted roof with veluxes in the bedroom, worked to create a beautifully serene room filled with natural light.

And for a little extra kerb appeal…

It’s all about the details when it comes to improving the overall look of your house from the street. Adding the double storey extension meant that we were able to get rid of the unsightly flat roof that used to be over the garage area. We drew up plans for a new vaulted pitched roof to replace it, and also removed a dilapidated old porch.

Finally, we had new windows installed and a brand new driveway to finalise the house’s fantastic new look. What a result!

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