Mr and Mrs Henney home had previously been extended to create a lounge-dining area at the back of the house. Unfortunately for them the addition hadn’t reached its full potential, and resulted in a kitchen that was separate from the main socialising area in their home. This combined with a lack of storage space, led to the couple giving Blu Room Architecture a call.


This project is a perfect example of how you don’t always have to make massive changes to get big results. After a free consultation with us, the couple agreed that a small extension could make a huge difference.

We kept the kitchen in the same location, but removed the existing side wall to open into the new extension. This allowed us to add a stylish breakfast bar and dining area as well as a lounging area with views of the garden.

A practical new utility space

To the side of the new lounge area, we were able to fit in a new utility room and toilet, giving our clients Mr and Mrs Henney  the practical space they’d been lacking.

We enhanced the extra space with floor to ceiling windows and a vaulted apex roof design with velux windows. This brought height to the area and flooded the room with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere.

With a few simple changes, the ground floor of the house is now being used in exactly the way the family wanted.

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