Our clients Adrian and Trevor, owned a beautiful Victorian property in Chorlton that needed a big change to match their passion for cooking, entertaining and outdoor living. The couple felt the house wasn’t meeting their needs, but absolutely loved the area and had no desire to move.


Open plan living

The house already benefited from a good sized dining room and separate kitchen, but Adrian and Trevor wanted a larger living area where they could cook, relax and entertain on a day-to-day basis.

If we had simply removed the internal wall separating the two rooms we would have been left with one awkwardly shaped room. So instead, we drew up plans to extend the dining room, squaring off the back off the house. This meant that when we removed the internal dividing wall we had a great footprint for the open plan living space our clients were hoping for.

Indoor to outdoor dining

To create even more room for entertaining we included 6m of bi-fold doors in our plans, creating a flow from the dining room to the outdoor dining area. By making sure that the new outdoor paving would be flush with the internal floor, we were able to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor dining area – absolutely perfect for entertaining.

The bi-fold doors could be seen easily from the room’s new lounge area, which was enhanced by a new wood burning stove in the old Victorian chimney breast.

A beautiful blend of styles

In keeping with our client’s style of blending modern and classical design, our architectural plans included a modern flat roof canopy overhang, providing beautiful contrast to the existing Victorian architecture. Over the dining table, we also installed a roof window, providing additional light and a stylish modern feature.

The result was a visually stunning ground floor living area that flows seamlessly from indoor to outdoor living. A perfect blend of classic and modern that suited our clients to a tee.

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